Peercoin solo pool

Solo mining with immediate payouts

Mine directly to your address

Start Mining

Fill in a payout address, pick a donation percentage and connect your miner.

That's all, fully anonymous!

This pool is shut down for an undefined period of time. The fees don't cover the costs of maintenance, It might get restarted in the future.


Peercoin Solo Pool is not a conventional mining pool. Mining shares are not pooled, and block rewards are immidiately mined to the miner's address. Meaning that the payments show immediately in the miner's wallet.

Connect your miner and get:

  • Immediate reward payouts.
  • Optionally mine straight to a P2SH multisig address.
  • Configurable pool donation, used for peercoin development.
  • [Coming soon] Option to donate part of your block reward to trusted projects.


Connect your miner or donate to: